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Language: Spanish, English, French, Greek, German, Italian

Country: Spain, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, France

“Migrempower” is a project that aims to support migrants and refugees in their integration efforts and to promote better coexistence within their new host communities, municipalities and states. The project involves 8 organizations belonging to 6 countries of the European Union (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Austria and France), involved in actions aimed at achieving the following results:  (a) acquisition and development of social and civic competences of the beneficiaries of the project involved (migrants and / or refugees), promotion and strengthening of their social cohesion, right of active citizenship and respect for human rights, (b) acquisition / reinforcement of methodological tools and intervention by professionals working with migrants and / or refugees to undertake with them a path focused on orientation, skills assessment, self-assessment and empowerment, (c) Exchange of good practices among partner organizations in order to increase their knowledge and skills and acquire new methodologies.

The partners involved in “Migrempower” project, achieved the project objectives by carrying out the study on policies and good practices addressed to migrants and refugees’ social and labour integration, in order to analyse what has been already implemented and how to learn from past experiences; developing methodological and intervention tools and didactic materials for promoting migrants and refugees’ social and labour situation; testing the intervention tools, guidelines and training materials.

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