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Labor Integration Network For Inmigrants Self-Employment

Labor Integration Network For Inmigrants Self-Employment

Language: Spanish

Country: Spain

The “Labor Integration Network For Inmigrants Self-Employment” was born to improve and provide imaginative and coherent alternatives of self-employment in Valencia (Spain), due to the phenomenon of the economic crisis and to its most tragic consequences: the unemployment of migrant population and, in consequence, the economic and integration difficulties in society. This program was born to work with immigrants at risk of exclusion and high degree of socio-economic and psychosocial vulnerability in the Valencia.

The program aims to offer to the participants personalized tutorials to help them to find their self-employment business ideas. Also, the program aims to orientate immigrant in getting viable projects ideas and to carry out a business plan to achieve their labour goals.

“Asociación Por Ti Mujer”, though this program, aims to prevent risk such as social exclusion and marginality, through coordinated work in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón (Valencia Region) to motivate and promote the self-employment as a personal and professional option to achieve the total integration in the associative and participative life in Valencia Region.

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