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Empower and Training of Immigrant Women

Empower and Training of Immigrant Women

Language: Spanish

Country: Spain

The main objective of the “Empower and Training of inmigrant women” project is to give participants the support, advice and training to facilitate their employment and promote entrepreneurship among women in a regular situation.

The specific objective are the following ones:

1. To advise and guidance immigrant women in their active job search process, focusing on knowledge of the labor market and their access to employment.

2. Support and accompany the women participants in their job search process through training and individualized actions providing them with the necessary tools for effective employment.

3. Favor the improvement of relations between companies, workers, immigrants and social entities through intermediation and awareness.

4. Motivate for the creation of self-employment and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.

AIBE BALCAN XATIVA is a non-governmental, non-profit association with its own legal personality that aims to facilitate the participation of the immigrant population in Spanish society

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