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Clara program

Clara program

Language: Spanish

Country: Spain

The Spanish official “Institute for Women” has developed the Clara Program, whose main objective is to promote the social and economic rights of women who are in situations of personal, social and labor vulnerability.

This program is aimed at women: victims of gender violence, heads of family units, over 45 years without qualification, young boys, ethnic minorities, immigrants, with a disability, prisoners, young people without qualifications or low qualification.

Clara’s program purpose is to improve the life quality of of these women with greater difficulties of social integration, promoting personal aspects and improving their qualification to access to labor market. The Program is an integrated and personalized itinerary of social and labor insertion that considers both the specific needs of each woman and her starting point. This program also aims to promote their self-esteem and confidence so that they become active protagonists of their own socio-labor insertion process, in addition to their incorporation and promotion in employment through information, motivation and advice and of occupational training according to the labor market needs of their environment. Likewise, the Women's Institute has designed different instruments that are the support of an interactive methodology, focused in a gender perspective.

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